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CeltiConnect hits the press

March 16, 2010

Gareth Gwyn Jones, CeltiConnect co-founder and VP for Canada, recently co-organized a St.David’s Day reception at the British High Commission in Ottawa. Gareth’s goal was ensure that a good selection of folks attended from a wide variety of industries and organizations – he succeeded and also managed to have the Speaker of the House of Commons to attend The Honourable Peter Miliken MP. Around 110 people attended. supported by supplying two bottles of Penderyn Welsh Whisky, guests to the evening were greeted with a sample and Andrew Rastapkevicius of the Liford Wine agency and Penderyn’s distributor in Ontario gave an overview of Penderyn.

High Commissioner Anthony Cary welcomed the guests and reminisced about his connections with Wales.

Professor Paul Birt, Chair of the Celtic Studies at the University of Ottawa addressed the crowd by giving an overview of St.David and its relevance to the Welsh around the globe.

Reporters from the Embassy Magazine also attended and featured the evening in their paper; see below under parties and St.David’s Day.

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