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Market reports: industry focused, market drives and outlaying opportunities – understand the current challenges of your sector, how your product/service will have an edge and what can be worked upon to drive further value

Market entry assistance: the services and access to resources needed to set up your product, from supply chain, human resource to legal services

Export assistance: one on one coaching and mentoring to guide you and your company on the first steps of exporting your product and/or services to new markets

Advertising assistance: from social media, e-marketing and business development call centers to branding assistance, graphic artists, and commercial video production.

Global Associates: CeltiConnect associates are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of the wealth of services we have to offer. Access CeltiConnect associates on the ground who are able to meet with you and your client face to face.

Due diligence: a trustful resource to oversee your interest, with timely feedback and performance recommendations

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