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Welsh Bagpipes to North America

March 15, 2010

CeltiConnect co-founder Phil Wyman met with John Evans (who in typical Welsh fashion is known as John Glenydd, because the address of his house in Llanfihangel-ar-Arth is “Glenydd”). John is one of the few active Welsh Bagpipe makers, if not the only one currently working in Wales. These beautiful tradition bagpipes are much quieter than big Highland war pipes – you know the ones I mean, those pipes which have to played a quarter of a mile away in order to be at a comfortable volume. We think John Glenydd’s pipes could end up being a hit among bagpipers in the US who would enjoy sitting down to an acoustic session in an Irish pub, and be able to fit in with the guitar players and fiddlers.

Phil caught John talking about making his pipes on video. It was a sneak video. John did not realize Phil was taking the video till afterward. He would have been too nervous to say these things so comfortably if he knew the camera was on. So in the end John was happy we caught him on tape. Here’s John at his best. We will be helping John get his Welsh pipes into the hands of North American pipers.

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  1. Kyle Wittman permalink
    April 8, 2010 2:12 pm

    National Museum Wales, along with a student group from The University of Oklahoma, has a contest called “How Welsh Are You?” Anyone who is Welsh, Welsh-American or anyone who has an interest in Wales can enter. The entries have to be a creative piece of work. This means a drawing, painting, song, poem, embroidery, statue, or any other original work. And it must be related to Wales, of course. The winner gets a gift basket from National Museum Wales and their picture on the NMW website. It’s a really cool idea if anyone is interested in showing their culture. You can email to get the rules/regulations or more information.

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