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Boston-Wales Musician’s Exchange Program?

October 20, 2010

Sunday, November 7th at 6pm in Salem, MA at The Vault (217 Essex Street) we will be doing a show with Sarah Louise Owen (from Caernarfon, Wales – currently living in Caerdydd), and kicking off plans for exchanging music between Wales and Boston.

The plan is to create a Wales to Boston (and vice versa) exchange program for musicians.  It would work something like this:  A musician from one side of the pond would plan to go to the other.  On the other side of the pond other musicians would help make contacts with venues, or arrange for playing gigs together.  Also people who are willing to put up a musician for a stay in their home would provide a place to stay.

Our goal is make Boston an easy starting point in the U.S. for Welsh musicians to find gigs, and similarly make Wales an easy starting point for Boston musicians to break into the UK.  With a similar population base (around 3 million), strong Celtic leanings in Boston, zealous music fans in both locales, and great places to play in both places it should be an easily workable plan.

Interested in joining the support team for making this happen?  Are you a musician in the Boston area or in Wales looking jump across the Atlantic?  Are you a fan of music looking to broaden the scope of the music in your area, and offer places for musicians to stay?  Shoot us an email at phil.wyman (at) if that describes you.

Click the link below to see the flyer of Sarah’s upcoming show.

Sarah Louise Owen Flyer

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