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Volunteering at Beer Advocate’s Boston American Craft Beer Fest

July 1, 2010

just before the rush

It’s true.  I volunteered again for a beer festival.  This time it was with Beer Advocate, and their American Craft Beer Festival in Boston.

Prior to the event I had a chance to meet Todd Alstrom, one of the two brothers who started Beer Advocate at a pub crawl in Cambridge, MA. I was picking hos brain about good importers in the US.

Now this beer festival, as far as beer festivals go – is outrageous!  It is big, is has some of the best in American Craft Brewers, and everyone has a lot of fun.  I was the direction dude.  People wanted to come into the wrong entrance, and I was the guy who redirected them to correct location.  So, I greeted people, told jokes, and sent crowds walking in the correct direction.  Then I took an occasional break to sample some of the 400 beers from the 8 brewers in the event.

Good event, worth attending to learn a about craft beers, and sample.  This is not an event for people who want to get drunk, because we were on the lookout for your kind, if that was you!  This event is for the people who think of good beer like a gourmet item – with a connoisseur’s palate.

this photo was not intentional, but thumbs up to Pretty Things (Brewery)

Thumbs up to Harpoon the major sponsor, and to the breweries with some of the longest lines:  Pretty Things from Boston, and Duck Rabbit from North Carolina.  Also this is a call out for Stone Brewery – they had a line up of 4 of their Stone IPA’s on cask each dry hopped with a different hop – Awesome.  Unfortunately it disappeared too quick and I only got to try 3 of the 4 cask versions.

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